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Results are now available for 10k Timed Run at www.runizen.com/e/sps-hospital-10km-timed-run
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Wellness & Good Health
SPS Hospitals has always endeavored to make a contribution towards creating a healthier Ludhiana through various public awareness programs. Over the past 4 years, SPS Hospitals has successfully organised Dil Ki Daud, 10km. Annually around 2000 participants from around the country take part in the event, which also include professional elite athletes. This initiative from SPS Hospitals focuses on creating awareness about world heart day, which happens to be on 29th of September every year. The focus in on encouraging citizens of Ludhiana to follow healthy life style. India faces a challenge in the coming times owing to the high incidence of heart and lifestyle diseases that is affecting even the younger age groups.

SPS 10K 2017 (4h Edition)
SPS Hospitals proudly takes a leap forward this year with the overwhelming response from the local authorities, partners and sports loving citizens of Ludhiana and has organised athletic events along with cross country runs to promote budding athletes of our nation, who surely will get great name for our country in years to come on international platforms. With an objective of promoting good health all across the world. This event would be organized on September 30th, 2017 from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM at Guru Nanak Stadium,Ludhiana.

Participation in the 10K timed Run and 5KM Fun run is open for all aged above 18 years and are physically fit to complete the run. Registration is mandatory for taking part in the event.

Entry for 400mtrs, 800/1500mtrs, Javelin Throw, Shot Put is only for professional athletes who have good timings and have taken part in inter-university, state or national level. Entry for professional athletes is Free. Please contact on 7400222888 / 8872027380 for more information.

The Proceeds From This Event Would Go Towards The Screening Of Children Suffering From Congenital Heart Diseases.

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